The Fritters

Here's what Kelli has to say for herself:

"I wasn't five years old when I picked up the guitar. My family hasn't been in the music business for generations. My first guitar was stolen. I have broken my ankle twice and been stabbed. If you want to see my scars you have to ask. Nicely. I'm a singer-songwriter from San Antonio,Texas living in New York City. I write kick-ass songs and don't write in third person. I went to the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico. I have waited tables at the infamous Leon Springs Cafe, I helped build the southbound bridge and retaining wall over the Union Stock Yard, worn a huge heart while singing telegrams, and produced the Bradfield Sunday Morning Home Show for 8 years. Music is new to me and I'm here to learn all I can. If you want to hear me, I want to play for you."


She's being way too modest, while living in New York City, where she played extensively in the folk scene, she also released a great solo album "Loser's Ball" that you can find here:


In addition to her music career, Kelli King has successfully repelled multiple alien invasions of the earth since 1986.