The Fritters

Jim Bouchard-guitars, bass, keyboards, banjo, harmonica, drums, percussion, programming, vocal, album layout, mixing and mastering


Jim Bouchard is an experienced Boston-based singer- songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, playing all sorts of guitars, banjo, steel guitar, keyboards and percussion. His 2 older brothers Albert and Joe made a name for themselves in the Blue Oyster Cult and garnered many gold and platinum records, and though he tended more towards Jackson Browne than Black Sabbath, he grew up steeped in music. In the Boston music scene, he first established a career as a solo-singer songwriter, releasing his solo CD, "Toots' Rambles" in 1996 to mild acclaim and later formed a folk-roots band of the same name with Kris Delmhorst, Ry Cavanaugh and Sean Staples that was to perform on radio shows and pubs and coffeehouses all over the Northeast. After that group split up, he went on to play more in the rock scene in the Nathan Thompson Band, Matt Griffin's Fellow Travelers, Fire in the Boathouse and Union Label, with guest appearances on CDs by John Haydon, Josh Lederman y Los Diablos, and grubstake. Currently he is part of a seasoned Rock/Country/ Blues band The Beauty Way on the Boston scene. The Beauty Way's debut CD even includes The Fritters' "I Was Wrong" and on their latest EP includes "Down To The Core"

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